RULES for Ochil 100


Registration will take place on the Friday between 3.00pm and 5:00pm at Stirling University.  At registration you will be given your race number, timing chip and trackers for you and your support crew.

One member of your support crew is required to attend registration with you and will be given a support crew pass which needs to be displayed on the support vehicle for the full race.

Race briefing:

A short race briefing will take place near the start line.

Race numbers:

Race numbers will be posted on the website a few days before the race.

Race start:

The race will start at exactly 6:00pm on Friday 29th September 2023.


Each runner is required to check in at every checkpoint.

On the outward half there is only one checkpoint at aprox 25 miles, on the return you will be required to stop at each of the 50 mile checkpoints.

Any runner not reaching the turn point by 7:30am (on Saturday) will be withdrawn from the race.  The only exception to this is where a runner has stopped to help another runner in trouble and this has caused them to miss a cut-off; in that case the runner will be referred to Race Director, whose decision will be final but pace will be monitored closely.

If any marshal is concerned about the condition of any runner, this will be referred to the Race Medic, the Race Safety Officer, or the Race Director.  They will determine what action, if any, needs to be taken. However it is a condition of entry that any such instruction must be followed, and the decision of the Race Medics or Race Director is final.

As a general rule no food or water will be provided at checkpoints on the outbound section but will be available on the return so you need to make use of your support crew.

Support crew:

It is a condition of entry that all runners must have motorised back up for the full duration of the event. The support crew must be at least two people, one of whom must be capable of accompanying you during the last 20 miles (if required).  You are required to provide details of your support crew in the run up to the event.

If there are any changes to your support crew details after you have entered please change it on the entry portal.

The Support Crew must check in with their runner at registration, and must meet their runner at the designated checkpoints:

Note: due to access these may not be the same as the main timing points.

It will be your and your crews decision on when they join you but we may help with that decision.

Please note that in the event of particularly adverse weather, all runners may be instructed to ‘pair up’ with a member of their crew or another runner.

All runners and support crew will be issued with trackers and these MUST be with you at all times. This means you can track each other. Failure to keep your tracker with you and/or your support crew will result in disqualification.

We will be able to see where your crew is at all times which may help if there are any issues.

There are some areas that we do not want vehicles at anytime of the race so we do not upset the locals and these will be indicated to all support crews.

Electronic timing:

Each runner will be issued with a Timing chip at registration.  At each of the checkpoints you must scan your chip. All chips must be returned at the finish even if you drop out.

In addition we will be using our Ultra Monitor tool that allows all marshals and support crew to add updates about runners.

Mandatory kit:

We are insisting that every runner carries:

  • A head torch, with spare batteries;
  • A lightweight space blanket
  • Full body waterproof clothing;
  • A whistle.

throughout the race.

We are also insisting that every runner carries a mobile phone, with emergency numbers added to it:

Other recommended items include:

  • Small Rucsac/Bumbag or both
  • Towels
  • A number of complete changes of clothes
  • Various pairs of shoes
  • Sunhat/Woolly Hat
  • Gloves
  • First Aid Kit
  • Insect Repellent
  • Blister Repair Kit
  • Water Bottles
  • Skin Care
  • Suncream
  • Toilet Roll

Remember, conditions can vary considerably throughout the course of the race and it is better to carry too much kit in your support vehicle than find yourself short.


Dogs are not allowed to run with any competitor at any stage of the race, nor are they allowed to run with any person who is supporting a runner.  This is a condition of our event insurance.


There will be a facility for runners to leave dropbags each of the 6 Checkpoints

Litter and general behaviour:

The route uses core paths for the entire route but the land does belong to farmers and other land users and we do not want to upset them. Please make sure you do not drop any litter anywhere on the route, but that you carry it with you to the next checkpoint.  Please also show consideration to other users of the core paths.