A 30-mile or 50-mile ultra


Ochil Ultra 2019: Final Information

Thank you for entering the Ochil Ultra, we appreciate your support in choosing our event.

Ben & Nic



You should find all the pre-race information you need here but do feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions although don’t leave them till the last minute as we will get busy with set up.

Changes or Withdrawals

We are no longer able to process changes or withdrawals as per our terms and conditions which can be viewed here: http://weerunevents.co.uk/terms-and-conditions/


There is no registration on the Friday this year


Please register at the start(s) before the race at Stirling University from 6:00am (50 mile “Long” Course) or at Glen Devon from 8:00am (30 mile “Short Course”).

At registration you will pick up your race number, your timing chip, your GPS tracker, t-shirt and Route notes.

There may also be some last minute information so please check your packs carefully.


All of our marshals and helpers are volunteers so please give them a smile and a wave when you see them.

This includes our Rescue Team who will be on leg 2 and 3.



Kit List


  • Head torch (can be left at CP4 in your drop bag)
  • Whistle
  • Mobile phone (fully charged)
  • Emergency blanket
  • Emergency Food and Drink
  • All runners will be issued with a GPS tracker which MUST be carried (relay runners should pass this as a baton)
  • Emergency Contact information on your route notes



  • Waterproofs may be compulsory if the weather is inclement as some of the course is over high tops and can be exposed.
  • A map of the route is recommended which can be viewed here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RK2FH0661gQEycAFrb5couyD4FE&usp=sharing
  • First aid kit
  • Spare clothes especially socks as there are wet sections (can be left in your drop bags)
  • You may wish to leave road shoes at CP4 as approx. 50% of leg 5 is on tarmac (not trail)

Course information

The course in general follows the core path network, however these paths vary considerably from narrow hill paths to farm and forest tracks. Some sections follow minor country roads and near the finish you will be on urban roads.

The terrain is very varied, there are forest paths, farm tracks, grassy paths (some rather overgrown), tarmac roads (not too much) and a few more!


The course has very varied terrain and this dictates what type of marking we can use

  • Where possible we will use A5 size blue arrows on a white background. (on Leg 5 these will have reflective tape so you can pick them out in the dark)
  • Over the exposed hill we will use orange or white flags in the ground and temporary paint on the ground
  • Some red and white tape on trees in wooded areas
  • Larger A4 or A3 black arrows on a luminous yellow background at key turnings
  • Ochil Ultra stickers on existing way-marking posts.


PLEASE NOTE: we aim to use less signs and route markers than in previous years to make things easier to clean up afterwards.

If you do think you are lost then we recommend returning to the last marker you saw. Or phone the number on the route notes so we can check your GPS position and help.

We will be keeping an eye on all of you too so if we see you go wrong we may call!!


Cut Off

At the North side of Bridge of Earn where the route turns east to Moncrieff Hill we will be operating a soft cut off procedure. If you do not reach this point by 7:28pm (the official end of dusk) we will direct you on a shorter route that follows the A912 into Perth and misses Moncrieff Hill. We have had a lot of discussions about this process as we really don’t want people to be disappointed but for your safety and for our volunteers who will be marshalling all day we had to come up with a compromise that is best all round. This means you probably have to leave CP4 by 7pm to complete the full route.


Please listen to our marshals who are there for your safety especially on road sections however, it is your responsibility to ensure you are traffic aware on the roads. Most roads are minor single track but they may have large farm machinery so please give way. If a road has a pavement please do use it!!!


Check Point (Relay Change Overs)

You must check in at the timing point by scanning your chip past the antenna before doing anything else. If you are handing over in the relay you must scan first then hand over the GPS tracker.

At each check point bottled water has been provided by Highland Spring if you use it to fill your own containers please put the bottles in the bins provided.

Your drop bags will be available please only take yours even if someone else has better looking sandwiches.


The check point details are:

Check Point 1 - Tillicoutry

56.157593 -3.749336

Toilets available in the Woolpack Inn (we hope this will finally work this year)

Parking available on the nearby streets

Check Point 2 – Glen Devon (now at Old Stones Holiday Apartments)

56.220459 -3.631507

Limited Parking available Tormaukin Hotel

Check Point 3Middle Rigg

56.264107 -3.507722

This is the most remote check point and due to limited space there is no access for spectators. For relay change support please do not plan to park cars for very long.

Check Point 4 - Kilgraston School

56.338444 -3.411849

One Portaloo on site for runners Toilets will be open within the school for Spectators.

Parking available on the nearby streets (not in the School)

Drop Bags

Please label your bags clearly with your name/number and CP1, CP2 ,CP2, CP3, CP4 and Finish.

We will have water at checkpoints.

We recommend using plastic “baggies” not anything that you would be distraught to lose!

These should be placed in the appropriate sack so it is transported to the correct checkpoint.

These big sacks will be available at each registration point.


We recommended you give your GPS detail to your supporters so they can track your progress on the course via the tracking web site and try and catch you at the check points (except CP3 where spectators are not allowed)

We will be displaying the GPS tracking at the South Inch Pavilion at the finish so spectators are welcome to base themselves there.


The Long Ultra and Relay Start at Stirling University

Registration is in the Refresh Café, inside Willow Court from 6:00am.

The post code is FK9 4QZ.

The start is located next to Hermitage Road and the start time for the long run and the relay is 7am

You must ensure your GPS device is switched ON before you start.

Parking is available next to registration.

(do not park in front of the Pathfoot building as this is reserved for another event).








The Short Ultra Start is in Glen Devon

Registration is at the Old Stones Holiday Apartment from 8:00am

The start is located at Burnfoot and the start time for the shortlong is 9:007am (please follow the marked route to the start)

Limited Parking is available at the Tormaukin Hotel so please use the bus or arrange to be dropped off by a supporter.

You must ensure your GPS device is switched ON before you start.









The Long Ultra and Relay Start at Stirling University

The Short Ultra Start is in Glen Devon

Registration is at the Old Stones Holiday Apartment from 8:00am

The start is located at Burnfoot and the start time for the shortlong is 9:007am (please follow the marked route to the start)

Limited Parking is available at the Tormaukin Hotel so please use the bus or arrange to be dropped off by a supporter.

You must ensure your GPS device is switched ON before you start.



The Short Ultra Start is in Glen Devon


The finish is on the South Inch in Perth next to the South Inch Pavilion we will also have access to Showers and changing facilities.

When you finish hand in your timing chip and GPS device (please note if we do not get your timing chip and/or GPS tracker back we will charge you).

The finish will close at 10pm.

We will aim to present prizes as soon as we have a set of prize-winners! do the Prize Giving as soon as possible

Parking is available in the paid car park at the South Inch at Edinburgh Road, Perth PH1 5PH (http://www.ukcarparks.info/south-inch-car-park-perth) or on the streets which is free after 6pm.


You can choose whether you wear your timing chip on your ankle or wrist but it must be scanned at each Check Point and the Finish

Your GPS tracker will need to be turned on at the start and remain ON for the duration of the race, this is part of our safety system and the mountain rescue team will also have access to the data. It is best if the GPS tracker is carried at the top of your rucksack as it ‘talks’ to things in the sky.

You must return your timing devices at the finish (even if you retire) if you take them away or lose them you will be charged the replacement costs (Lost chip cost: £10, lost GPS cost £100).

The link for the GPS tracking will be shared in the week before the race on the Ochil Ultra and Wee Run Events Facebook page.

Bus to start

Those who have booked on the bus to the start will receive a separate communication.

Both buses will pick up from the South Inch in Perth.

50 Mile bus at 5:00am

30 Mile bus at 7:00am


Please note that the buses are now fully booked.

General Conduct

  1. Do not Litter - take it home with you or put it in bins at the Check Points
  2. Close all Gates behind you even if you find it open. (If it is marshalled you will not have to do so)
  3. We share the trails and paths with others so if you are in a group make sure you leave room for other users
  4. Some fields may have farms animals please be considerate. The landowners know we are coming and larger livestock should be out of the way.
  5. If you retire from the race please go to the nearest road so we can make arrangements to pick you up if required. You must return timing chips to the finish and let us know that you have retired.
  6. Please do not wear headphones on the road sections so that you can hear vehicles approaching